Significant changes to ISO Standards

In September 2015 ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015:2015 were issued marking a major change in the format of ISO standards.  Although ISO27001 has used the same format the two most common management system standards will now follow a standard approach which makes integration of standards far easier.

Annex SL and its associated appendices collectively define a generic management system framework. In the future, all new ISO management system standards will adhere to the framework and all current management system standards will migrate to it at their next revision.

 As a result of the introduction of Annex SL, all ISO management system standards should become more consistent in time, and hence more compatible. They will share the same look and feel, having been built on a common foundation.

 Annex SL represents the beginning of the end of the conflicts, duplication, confusion and misunderstanding arising from subtly different requirements across the various management system standards.

For management system standards writers, Annex SL will provide the template for their work and they can concentrate their efforts on the discipline-specific requirements that will be focused on in Clause 8 – Operation

Annex SL addresses the requirements for proposals for management system standards. It consists of nine clauses and three appendices, and the audience for this annex is primarily ISO technical committees who develop management system standards. However, all users of management system standards will feel the impact of Appendix 2 of Annex SL in the future. Appendix 2 is in three parts:  

    • High-level structure        

    • Identical core text              

    • Common terms and core definitions.


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